Special Gum Care
To keep your gum
and teeth healthy

Product Concept

Oral health reflects your body’s health very well.
Having a toothache or teeth sensitivity may affect your daily life to a great extense.
And the root cause directly affects oral health is “gum”
Some medical sciences rely on analyzing gum’s appearances and colors to help determine overall body health.

Natural Extracts Value
Gum Alive Special Gum Care

Bodhical™ Extract

In ancient herbs record, Bodhi bark was boiled in water and used for mouth rinsing to treat gingivitis and bleeding gum. Therefore we apply this knowledge to extract special substances from Bodhi bark in GumAlive.

Chamomile Extract

A herb known worldwide for reducing inflammation and irritation effectively.

Clove Oil

Enriched with “Euginol oil”, best known for killing bacteria and minimizing sensitivity; used by dental industry for a long time.

Siam Miswark

Act as natural floss, helps to reduce stains and strengthen teeth.


Refreshing and cool. Its mint aroma helps you relax and brighten your mood.

Special Gum Care
Maintain oral care. Keeps your teeth and gum healthy when used regulary.

Suitable for those who have sensitive teeth, swollen gums, oral ulcers and bleeding gums.

Special Gum Care
Natural extracts value for healthy gums and teeth

  • Help reduce teeth sensitivity and bleeding gum effectively.
  • Help reduce oral ulcers.
  • Help reduce the accumulation of bacteria, with natural herbal extracts
    Keeps teeth clean for 12 hours

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