Pure Herbal Extract Spa Toothpaste​

Inspired by age-old wisdom since Buddha Era, GumAlive Toothpaste is the world’s first integration of “Bodhical™ Extract”, substance derived from widely known sacred fig tree. The unique formula of GumAlive can cause an effective change in gum and dental healthcare within 7 days

Our Product

Natural Whitening

For healthy clean and natural white teeth

Blended with White Bamboo Charcoal —traditional Japanese wisdom of controlling burned bamboo, and Bamboo Salt, known in its quality of balancing and cleaning

Fresh Breath

For long-lasting freshness

From the integration of Guava Leaf Oil —known for its properties to inhibit bacteria growth, and Distilled Wood Vinegar – admirably accepted as natural deodorizer

Special Gum Care

For stronger gum and better dental health

With the combination of Chamomile Extract — accepted worldwide for the reduction of inflammation and irritation, and Clove Oil – enriched with “Euginol oil”, best known of its properties in killing bacteria and reducing sensitivity


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